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Water borne diseases are a potent threat to the health. The rise in awareness amongst people to maintain the water reservoirs in a clean and hygienic condition has made aqua cleaning solutions the need of hour, and this industry a quickly booming one. If you want to make a fortune by becoming part of this industry, then we have a perfect opportunity for you. We are looking for partners who can help us expand our service area. Take a look at our franchisee model to know about it all.

District Franchiser: Best Clean will choose a district franchiser for each district. This district franchiser can further distribute franchisee to ‘n’ number of sub-franchisers for different cities falling under that district. Below mentioned is the monetary investment that one needs to make in order to become a district franchiser -

  1. License Fee (Non refundable) of District categories
  2. Equipment and Accessories at an estimated cost of INR 1, 85,000/- plus transportation in addition.
  3. Pre-owned Tata Magic/Van at an estimated cost of INR 80,000/- (0ptional)
  4. Printing and supply of Visiting Cards, office stationery, uniforms INR 30,000/- etc.
  5. Working capital for two months.
  6. Amount towards the cost of services = INR 30,000 only

The overall costs for each district comes out to be

*rental/ staff costs/interiors expenses are not included within this

The city franchiser can further distribute the services and make ‘n’ number of sub-franchisers within the city.

Financial Chart

Important Notes:

  1. The figure values are calulucated on the basis on one set of equipments only and for one franchisee area, which may vary from place to place. Values of expenses may also differ from place to place.
  2. All the calculations shown above are considered near to practically possible conditions. Returns , may vary totally on the basis of a, personal vision and action plan of the franchisee, area of operations, volume of business generated, personal time, energy & efforts put by the franchisee.